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  • If you're having trouble waiting until Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens at Disneyland this summer to find out exactly what a Star Wars land will be like, this should be some very good news. Marvel is releasing a comic book based on the land that will be available in April, giving fans their first taste at the mythology behind Black Spire Outpost, the trading post located on the planet Batuu that serves as the setting...

  • We go full Mr. Miyagi as Sean Diaz and teach Daniel how to hone his powers, and when to be wary of them.

  • Studio MDHR released one of 2018's best games in Cuphead, and there is an expansion coming in 2019, but what'll the studio make after that? The outfit has yet to officially announce its next project, but now producer and artist Maja Moldenhauer has offered a cryptic tease.She said in a new Red Bull video feature, "I'm just really loving what we do. And the ideas we have for the next game are pretty epic." The...

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