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  • As Dead Rising 4's December 6 launch nears, reviews have started to appear online. It seems the Xbox One timed exclusive has attempted to take the best elements from previous games in the series, minus the co-op campaign fans have come to expect. But is that enough to elevate it above its predecessors?Take a look at GameSpot's Dead Rising 4 review here, or our review roundup below to find out what other critics think. Or,...

  • Universal's classic monster movie universe kicks off next summer with The Mummy, and the first trailer is now online. The film's director Alex Kurtzman has now spoken about what audiences can expect from the future films in the series.In an interview with Collider, Kurtzman explained that although the movies will overlap--for example, Russell Crowe's Dr Jeykll features in The Mummy--it was important for the films to work in the their own right. "I can't tell...

  • Since its debut a decade ago, Dead Rising has continuously evolved with each new game. It's changed settings and protagonists, added crafting and vehicles, abandoned escort missions and limited saves. In spite of all these changes, however, the core gameplay always remained intact: grab whatever's handy to kill and maim droves of zombies in a huge variety of gruesome, hilarious ways. Dead Rising 4 maintains this tradition of superficial yet entertaining mayhem by adapting ideas...

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