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  • Sega has released a new trailer for Total War: Warhammer showing off the new content being added as part of the Grim & The Grave DLC pack.Among the additions are Volkmar the Grim and Helman Ghorst, two "Legendary Lords" that fight for the light and the shadows. There's also two new lord types, with the Strigoi Ghoul King joining the Vampire Counts, and warrior priests Arch Lector joining the Empire."Both the Empire and Vampire Counts...

  • Cult classic action puzzle game Lumines: Puzzle & Music will be launching for iOS and Android devices on September 1. The game will be available worldwide, and will be priced at $3. You can watch the game's trailer in the embedded video.It looks like Puzzle & Music brings back the series' trademark colourful aesthetic and electronic soundtrack. It's been a while since a new game has been released for the mainline Lumines series, the last...

  • Madden games have historically had many different difficulty settings and challenges, but Madden NFL 17 actually gives you the confidence and the desire to take them on. Between an improved running game and welcome changes to the defensive line, EA Sports’ latest iteration of its lauded football series not only provides more tools to become a well-rounded playmaker but also the means to execute more decisive plays. A significant launch-week bug and lack of online...

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