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NEWS | Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 has overtaken Infinite Warfare to regain the number ones sales slot in the UK, and Nintendo drops Switch expandable memory info!

  • Although the initial release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens contained several deleted scenes amongst its extras, there were even more included on the 3D Blu-ray/DVD set that was released last month. One of these sees Chewbacca deal some rough justice to the villainous Unkar Plutt. A shorter version of the scene was revealed in October, but now the full version has made its way online. Check it out below:Plutt is played by Simon Pegg,...

  • BBC's iPlayer app will no longer function on Wii U as of today, January 16. Nintendo confirmed the news in a blog post, citing "an end in the license agreement between the BBC and Nintendo."The app, which only worked in the UK because of rights agreements, was pulled from the Nintendo eShop on August 31, 2016. From then it continued to work as normal for those who'd already downloaded it--until now.Nintendo did not state why...

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